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Past Presidents

 John A. Donohue
President 2013-2014

Anthony DeNatale
President 2010-2012

 Richard Commesso
President 2004-2010

Harry Morse Jr.
President 2003-2004

Edward Keschecki
President 2001-2003



History and Purpose


Founded, January 4, 2001 by a group of retired Police Officers the intendment of the organization was to foster a comradeship amongst our members, while insuring the protection of benefits previously earned during their active service.  

Upon completion of a course in academics and physical training, at the New York City Police Academy, members were assigned to various commands throughout the city. All of our members went on to have successful and rewarding careers, and were honorably retired. 

Throughout our history, our organization has continued to work on behalf of our membership, retired and active alike, and their families, with an emphasis on Health and Welfare matters.  We worked side by side with the National NYCPD 10-13 Organization and were instrumental in achieving many legislative landmarks such as: Cost of Living Adjustments in retiree pensions, 100 percent Medicare Reimbursement, and Surviving Spouse Legislation, which allowed a surviving spouse to pick up the COBRA health insurance plan for life, instead of just a 3 year period. Today we continue to support a Health Protection Bill that would permanently protect our health benefits. 

Over the years we have assisted a number of police family's who have had the misfortune of an illness to a loved one that has resulted in overwhelming medical costs. We have also been a proud sponsor of the New York City Police Fund, who, through our support has been able to purchase medical equipment that can be provided to our members and their families. In recent years we have bestowed a one time college scholarship to the incoming freshmen who have won our scholarship contest.




*Disclaimer-  The NYC Verrazano 10-13 Association, Inc. has been designated a 501 (c) 3 tax exempt organization by the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  Donors may deduct contributions as provided in section 170 of the Code.  Bequests, legacies, devices, transfers, or gifts for our use are deductible for federal estate and gift tax purposes if they meet the applicable provisions of Code sections 2055, 2106, and 2522.

As a 501(c)3 Tax exempt organization,  The NYC Verrazano 10-13 Assn does not endorse or campaign for political candidates. However, political candidates are invited to address the membership to discuss issues that impact their lives. We invite candidates from the major political parties as  well as others whose name will appear on the ballot in elections to address our members at General Membership meetings.

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